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On Saturday 20th April, 2024 from 4 pm at The Gateway Church Hall Yeovil


About Us

SMCA (Somerset Malayalee Cultural Association) is a vibrant association that brings together the Kerala community in Yeovil and it's surrounding areas. SMCA is non-profit organisation. With a strong commitment to meeting the diverse needs of it's members, SMCA serves as a supportive platform that fosters unity, understanding, and cultural exchange. The association actively works towards promoting and preserving the rich heritage and traditions of Kerala. Through various events, festivals, and initiatives, SMCA creates a space where individuals can come together, celebrate their shared roots, and showcase the vibrant Kerala culture. It serves as a source of pride and connection for the Kerala community in Yeovil, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its members.

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Office Bearers

Anil ANtony Shijumon Joseph Johnson Sebastian
Anil Antony

Shijumon Joseph

Johnson Sebastian

Sooraj Sukumaran Maya Ravikumar Nivil Lonakkutty
Sooraj Sukumaran
Vice President

Maya Ravikumar
Joint Secretary

Nivil Lonakkutty
Executive Member

Jomon Joseph Santhosh Kumar Tijomon Antony
Jomon Joseph
Executive Member

Santhosh Kumar
Executive Member

Tijomon Antony
Executive Member

Sajeev Santhan Nirmal Anto Andrews Michael
Sajeev Santhan
Executive Member

Nirmal Anto
Executive Member

Andrews Michael
Ex. Officio

UUKMA Representatives from SMCA
OOmen john Visakh Menon Arun Thomas
Oommen John Visakh Menon Arun Thomas

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Any one would like to inform to all SMCA members about the birth of your new born baby please let us know your consent through smca what’s app number or any of the office bearers. Then we will broadcast whats app message to all members. The consent should be informed by baby’s dad or mum directly. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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UUKMA Sports Meet (South West Region):
Saturday 1st July
Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club,
Pickett Lane, Yeovil, BA21 3DS (✔ Completed)

Sunday 23rd July
LED Buckler's Mead Leisure Centre,
Givele Close, Yeovil BA21 4NH(✔ Completed)

Onam Sports:
Saturday 2nd September
Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club,
Pickett Lane, Yeovil, BA21 3DS (✔ Completed)

Onam Celebration & Cultural Programs:
Saturday 16th September
at The Gateway Church Hall (✔ Completed)

Family Get Together:
Saturday 11th November (✔ Completed)

Christmas & New Year Celebration:
Saturday 6th January 2024 (✔ Completed)

Easter & Vishu Celebration:
Saturday 20th April 2024 (✔ Confirmed)

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In today's fast-paced and individualistic world, it's easy to become disconnected from our communities we live in. However, joining a community association can be a transformative experience, allowing individuals to actively engage with their society, foster a sense of belonging, and contribute to the betterment of society. So, it is a necessity of joining a community association get the numerous benefits it offers for individuals and the community as a whole.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging
A community association serves as a unifying force, bringing together people who share a common geographic area, interests, and concerns. By joining such an association, individuals become part of a larger network where they can connect with like-minded groups, build friendships, and establish a sense of belonging. Feeling connected to our community helps combat social isolation and promotes mental well-being, culture and heritage.

Strengthening Neighborhood Bonds
Associations play a pivotal role in strengthening the bonds within community. They provide platforms for residents to interact, organise events, and collaborate on various projects that enhance the quality of life in the community. Whether it's organising a neighborhood cleanup, hosting block parties, or advocating for local improvements, these associations facilitate a shared responsibility for the overall well-being of the community.

Addressing Common Concerns
Every neighborhood faces unique challenges and concerns, ranging from safety issues and infrastructure development to environmental sustainability and social initiatives. Community associations offer a collective voice, empowering residents to address these concerns effectively. By joining forces, community members can work together to find practical solutions, influence local policies, and make a positive impact in their immediate surroundings.

Promoting Civic Engagement
Being a part of an association promotes civic engagement by encouraging individuals to become actively involved in the decision-making processes that affect their community. Association meetings and committees provide opportunities to participate in discussions, offer ideas, and vote on matters that shape the community's future. This involvement not only helps residents feel more invested in their own community but also cultivates a greater sense of responsibility and ownership.

Access to Resources and Support
Associations often serve as valuable resources for residents, offering information, support, and a platform for sharing knowledge. Whether it's providing information about local services, educational opportunities, or connecting residents with specialised resources, associations become the go-to hub for valuable neighborhood-related information. They can also provide a safety net during emergencies or times of crisis by fostering a supportive network that rallies around its members.

Enhancing Neighborhood Safety
Safety is a primary concern for any community, and Associations actively contribute to creating safer neighborhoods. By organising neighborhood watch programs, promoting safety awareness campaigns, and collaborating with local law enforcement, associations can help reduce crime rates and improve the overall sense of security within the community.

Joining a community association is not just about attending meetings or paying dues; it's about actively participating in shaping the community you call home. These associations offer a multitude of benefits, from fostering a sense of belonging and strengthening neighborhood bonds to addressing common concerns and promoting civic engagement. By joining forces with fellow residents, individuals can make a meaningful difference, leaving a lasting positive impact on their community. So, let's embrace the necessity of community associations and work together to build stronger, more vibrant neighborhoods for a brighter future.

Membership and Renewal Fee
The Membership joining fee for a family is £10, single person is £5 and the annual renewal fee is £5 for whole family or a single member. SMCA treasurer will contact you for the fees on a later stage.

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